Saturday, August 8, 2009


The last weekend I had in Brasil consisted of one thing: ACAPPELLA!

Acappella started their tour in Brasil in Itu. On Saturday night, the church had microphones synced, lights up and ready, and a line wrapping around the street corner waiting to hear 5 men sing their hearts out.

It was a blessed event and the Brazilians LOVED it! after Acappella stayed for autographs and pictures. little did they know... pratically the whole crowd wanted to be included in on this... :)

the man in the middle of this picture is Keith Lancaster, an original member of Acappella and now, the Producer

a full house!!

Sunday July 26th

Acappella joined our church for Sunday morning worship.
Keith Lancaster led some songs and helped our church sing to some English songs. Acappella did 3 or 4 more songs by themselves. it was beautiful!!

that was my last weekend in itu before I left.
I left that Tuesday, July 28th at 9:45pm from Sao Paulo.

more on my complete internship experience later...


Thursday, July 23, 2009

max lucado

july 18-19: Max Lucado

Max Lucado came to Itu to promote his latest book "Sem Medo de Viver" or "Fearless" (the title in the states).

on july 18, saturday, he talked about the first chapter from the book. afterwards, he signed books for everyone!
on july 19, sunday, he preached from his book "John 3:16" or "Joao 3:16".

it was great having him here. :)
these are some of the pictures from that weekend.

you can see him in the back signing books

i'm at the bottom in the blue.

we've been preparing for Max Lucado to come and now we just have one more thing...
yes the singing group. Acappella!
they're coming to Itu and this week the church has been preparing for them to come.

we need prayers because the team here has become really tired. what with all that's been going on at the church lately.
bilingual camp, festa junina, church inauguration, medical campaign, max lucado... and now, acappella.
it's just ALOT to deal with. and in only 1 month. WHEW!

also, after Acappella, i leave.
yeah--on july 28th i head back to the states. its a weird realization to come to. and its also going to be hard. re-entry is more difficult then transitioning into another country. i know its going to be difficult. i've been trying to prepare myself for that but i would appreciate your prayers.

its been a wonderful wonderful amazing adventure this summer. (yes i know i put 2 wonderfuls in there haha)
full of self-discovery and love and joy.. more on what i actually learned later.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

july 4th & 5th, july 6-10

hello everyone.
sorry its been awhile. this month has been crazy!!
(picture of the finished church building!)

my last post was just about camp. we came back on July 4th for camp wrap-up and Festa Junina. festa junina is a typical june party here in brazil.

we opened up the church to the community and invited surrounding neighborhoods to come to the party. first it was the camp wrap-up with a slideshow/video of the week. then we walked outside into the back and had typical Festa Junina food and a bonfire!
it was really fun to see everyone there..

me and my parents. they came for the inauguration of the church

July 5th: Church Inauguration (the next day)

mike cope, preacher of Highland COC
Antenor, our preacher, translated for Mike during the sermon

halfway through our service, we called Highland through Skype and talked using cameras we have set up in both churches.
it was great to see my two churches talking to each other especially on such an important day.

july 6-10: Medical Campaign

shelana playing with one of the children

to celebrate the finished campaign, we had a nice dinner together with the Doctors, Volunteers, and Coordinators
kris, ali, pedro, mark

me, shelana, soraya

God is doing great things in the city of Itu.


Here are some of the blooper videos:

i'm in the second one! :)
i think my favorite part is kris switching hands with the basketball in MID-AIR! and Scott Brown doing the Cupid Shuffle... oh man so funny!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

we're singing for the glory of the risen king

June 30-July 4
bilingual/church camp
30 Americans, 60 Brazilians, 10 Administrative Staff

Theme: Motion
God works for those who love him

Day 1: Promotion
we live in a self-promoting world
adopt attitude of servanthood

Day 2: Commotion
lives are busy, distractions
---trying to focus our lives on Christ Heb 12

Day 3:
lives being run by our emotions
living by our passion for Christ

Day 4:
sometimes we have to stop and be still
sometimes paralyzed by fear, past
---God's view, trying to understand Sabbath

--Go into all the world--
the final motion
God has called us to be in motion, to touch lives around us

camp meets here for morning warm-ups

me & vanessa, micala, and josh love

afternoon soccer games

we celebrated the week with lots of dancing

craft classes in the afternoon

the group from last year:
minnie, me, sarah, shelana, pedro
-sarah & shelana flew down for the camp-

mark&ali, me, carol, kris, and garrett
the youth ministers with the interns
(garrett isn't actually an intern, however, he lives in rio and helps our team out ALOT. so therefore he is our surrogate intern)
i love this picture!!!

the last night we had a talent show. one of the groups performed Lifehouse "Everything"

one of the acts from the talent show
Did You Hear?
written & directed by: kris
played by: the 3 interns
i wish i had a video to show you. basically we ended up spewing water all over each other the entire time. it was hilarious. except we weren't supposed to laugh
--click on the picture and you can see kris spewing the water--

here was my involvement at the camp:
1. dorm mom
was paired up with Vanessa [pictured above] to set the mood for the group, to have a mix of Brazilians/Americans in the room

2. small group leader
co-leading a group of 10 americans&brazilians in the curriculum
(such a blessing and battle)

3. photography class
afternoons, we have arts&crafts classes
i led a photography 101 class

4. helped lead praise&worship at night
singing in front of people (EEK)

camp is always interesting in brazil and by 'interesting' i mean, always different.
it never happens the way that you envision it or the way that you think it'll happen.

i've never come to camp when it hasn't been organized by Highland. so, i already knew this year was going to be different. a church from San Angelo, TX called Johnson Street organized and led this year's camp. and they did a FANTASTIC job.
i don't know if i could say any more about that.

this year, i had a much larger role at camp and even before camp. getting people to sign up (brazilians) and organizing the event in general. i was there from the beginning, i was there to experience it, and i was there to wrap it up.

on the last night after the Lifehouse skit, something happened. everyone could feel it.
God was there.
we danced the night away in joy and laughter. we celebrated Jesus in his entirety. we played. we joked. we celebrated one another. we cried with one another.
a brother and sister confessed their belief in Jesus Christ and were baptized that night.
it was a joyous occusion.

joy is the only word i can use to describe it.

or maybe i should say 'heaven'
because that is what i believe heaven will be like.
with my brothers and sisters from around the world, laughing together, dancing together, just BEING together in community---with Christ as our sustainer. with Christ as our love.

the song that really moved our camp was Hillsong's "Mighty To Save"
i think you should listen to it.
and be blessed.

may you feel God's ever present and loving spirit in your life RIGHT NOW
you do not need a camp to feel the love of Christ overwhelm your soul
the joy that we experienced should not ever be limited to an experience.
instead--it should be your life.


p.s. i sang a song for the talent show by Bob Dylan called "Make You Feel My Love"
here's the version i did:

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

loco por ti corithians

so BEFORE camp, BEFORE mary lou left, BEFORE 30 Americans came to itu....
mary lou, carol, and i went to a soccer game!

a rival game between Sao Paulo FC vs Corinthians

pedro and our other friend, Minnie (Leandro is his real name, but his nickname is Minnie because well, he's a pretty big guy) met us in Sao Paulo and took us to the game.

you should know that whenever we told Brazilians that we were going to this game they responded with "WHAT?!" or "Are you crazy?" or "Do you want to die?" or "I'll be praying..."
APPARENTLY, it gets a little rowdy...
don't worry--we lived. :)
although one guy did get a little grab of my butt but you didn't need to know that...

people cheer the entire game. you stand up the whole time. there's about 30 different songs that you can sing. they have these HUUUGGGEE flags that cover the stands from the very bottom to the top and they are pushed up over the crowd from the bottom. THAT was amazingly cool. and also when my brazilian friend next to me got a squeeze.
the video that is mostly black is when we are underneath the flag. really cool!!

corithians won 3-1


us under the flag!

after the game..

when it gets to 25 seconds, you can here me say something and hear Mary Lou scream. hahaha

when it gets to 20 seconds, you can hear them start chanting "Corinthians, Corinthians..."

i also should tell you after the videos, that we are not amongst the mayhem of that crowd.
most of the videos are one section in the stands. this is a club of supporters for the Corinthians soccer team. they are the largest and Minnie is actually a member.

Monday, June 29, 2009

june 29

hey guys!

sorry its been awhile. times around here have certainly been busy.
we are preparing for bilingual camp and for 30 Americans from San Angelo coming to help with the camp too.
it's from June 30-July 4. so YES it starts tomorrow!

prayers are needed for everything.
for the Americans to mix and mingle with the Brazilians. for the discussions we'll have in our small groups. for those leading small groups the ability to communicate past their spoken language but to communicate God's words to hearts. and for the events to flow smoothly. and for not being tired.

however, it's been a couple of weeks and alot of things have been happening here in itu.
i'll fill you in by pictures mostly. who doesn't like pictures? :)

mary lou wanted to celebrate a girl in the youth group's birthday (Debora) before she left. so we had a Girls' Night. we went around itu taking pictures of us dressed up. after, we went out to eat at a nice Italian restaurant and spent the night at Julia's (where I'm staying) house. we ate birthday cake and watched a movie too! :)

the interns.

at the restaurant, they had a HUGE projected TV show playing. it was something like the Discovery Channel. nonetheless, it wasn't something we wanted to watch while we ate.

mary lou's last Sunday at the Church. we had a surprise farewell party for her.

June 25
we went to sao paulo for a combination of things. we needed to buy alot of supplies for camp and to drop off mary lou for her flight back to the states.
these are some of the pictures from that day.

we had lunch at Mercadao de Sao Paulo. a huge covered market in Sao Paulo. we all got bread bowl soups.

the girls: mary lou, ali, carol, phyllis

June 26
the campaigners from San Angelo arrived and Kris has too!
kris heiderich is here to take mary lou's place as the new intern.
it is now me, carol, and kris.
the interns.
kris goes to acu and has been a friend for a couple of years now. we studied abroad together in Oxford for a semester.
this picture says it all. :)
that night we had over all of the brazilians who wanted to come and all of the Americans from the campaign to eat pizza and meet one another.
some of the group playing cards in Mark and Ali's house.

June 27
gui, josh (from ohio), gabriel, garrett (from A&M, lives in Rio--pretty much our other intern), thomas, and bruno
eating lunch at the mall with the campaigners
this afternoon we went to the Chocolate Farm which i haven't been back to since 2002 with my family. kinda weird taking pictures by myself.

gabriel, gui, thomas drinking hot chocolate (chocolate quinte)
pretty much melted chocolate.
me and bruno. with chocolate mousse. it was REALLY good!

that is pretty much what has been happening these last couple of weeks.
me and carol went around to all the English Schools in town promoting the camp. all the spots are full for camp and the Americans are here.
we have put together a fantastic camp and i'm excited to see how it goes down.

tomorrow is camp.

prayer prayer prayer

stan stan