Saturday, August 8, 2009


The last weekend I had in Brasil consisted of one thing: ACAPPELLA!

Acappella started their tour in Brasil in Itu. On Saturday night, the church had microphones synced, lights up and ready, and a line wrapping around the street corner waiting to hear 5 men sing their hearts out.

It was a blessed event and the Brazilians LOVED it! after Acappella stayed for autographs and pictures. little did they know... pratically the whole crowd wanted to be included in on this... :)

the man in the middle of this picture is Keith Lancaster, an original member of Acappella and now, the Producer

a full house!!

Sunday July 26th

Acappella joined our church for Sunday morning worship.
Keith Lancaster led some songs and helped our church sing to some English songs. Acappella did 3 or 4 more songs by themselves. it was beautiful!!

that was my last weekend in itu before I left.
I left that Tuesday, July 28th at 9:45pm from Sao Paulo.

more on my complete internship experience later...


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